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This is
150 stores

This is
60 new places to eat (and drink)

This is
Three rooftop restaurants

This is
One cutting edge gym

This is
200+ apartments

This is
60,000 sq ft of LABS co-working space

This is
Hawley Wharf Camden

This is Hawley Wharf Camden.

Never standing still.
Live. Shop. Play. Create.
Whatever your style.

This is Vision.

Restless. Bold. Real.
Camden lives large.
But fun and games isn’t
only fun and games.
Our Play, pays

This is Opportunity.

580,000 sq ft of canal-side
new Camden.
New apartments. New stores.
New jobs.
Ready. When you are.

580,000 sq ft of mixed-use space.
150 retail stores.
200+ apartments.
60 new bars and restaurants.
1,000 new jobs.

This is LabTech.

Creativity. Tech. Real estate.

Dedicated to Camden’s future.